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Bercy has won €819.74 with a €0.30 stakes bet!

Certainly many of you want to be in Bercy players place, who has won €819.74 with €20 upload, and he was playing with only €0.30 stakes bet in the famous online casino!


Santas Wild Ride slot big win picture

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How could it happen, we asked Bercy?

" By the winter's coming is so depressing to sitting between four walls boring. That's why I thought, as I have many times, that I will try my luck in a reliable online casino. Therefore I took myself and I went to the nearest Paysafecard upload center, which I can easily pay for the casino.


I don't consider myself as a big player, but I have to tell, that I really like playing. I never risk large amount, that's why I have done less filling, only €20. After I arrived at home, I used the code, what have I got with the filling, and the amount was immediately on my casino bill.

After that, approaching to Christmas,I played with the Santa's Wild Ride online slot machine, cause I think it's specifically a Christmassy slot machine. I was thinking a lot about the bet, but in the end I choose the €0.30 stakes bet. However, it was also incredible for me, that I won free spins in the first rounds.


Because I have already played with this slot machine, I knew that I can choose of three free round varieties. After a little deliberation, I choose the middle. Thereafter the 24 free spins have started


I don't know why, but in this moment I started playing with my phone, and that's why I took a photo of the winning in the end. I only noticed a really big trinkle, that I have never heard before. I knew, that it could be only good, but after that I checked the screen, I saw that on the first four disk were only wild symbols. Hurray!! Finally!!

After the all free spins has done, the winning was €819,74 from my €20 upload. The most intresting thing in the whole story is if in the last disk is a wild symbol to, I have won €5700!! "


Your opinion matters! Tell me What do you think about this slot machine and if you're lucky, you could be the next winner, who spend up to € 20 for your account. All you have to do is just comment this post!

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